US closes while US-Mexico border crossing

US closes while US-Mexico border crossing
Officials from the US Special Response and Customs Border Protection Team guarded the entrance to San Ysidro, after the land border crossing was temporarily closed for traffic from Tijuana, Mexico, November 19, 2018. Photo: Reuters – US officials closed the busiest border crossings on Monday to install concrete blocks and barbed wire, while migrants from Central America arrived.

The closure of the crossing between Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego in California prevented a large number of Mexicans from entering America.

There was also a long line of cars from Americans visiting Mexico to go home.

The barrier was an action due to fears that a large number of people would try to flood the border and enter America. 
About 3,000 migrants from various caravans from Central America are already in Tijuana, and thousands more will still be coming this week.

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