There is no ‘coordinated effort’ to disturb US elections

There is no 'coordinated effort' to disturb US elections
A voter from Madison County submitted his ballot to a vote counting machine in Ridgeland, Mississippi, November 6, 2018. Photo: AP – Despite concerns over foreign interference, the 2018 midterm elections in America began quietly on Tuesday morning and federal monitors reported no attempt to disrupt.

On an important day that will determine the direction of American politics for the next two years, there have been no reports of cyber attacks on the electoral system by Russia and other foreign actors. Voting in 170 thousand polling stations is free from interference.

Officials at the Department of Homeland Security said intelligence agencies had not witnessed a coordinated campaign to disrupt the election. But there were reports of long lines and machines that were not functioning smoothly at the start of the election, and the biggest problem was reported in Georgia. 

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