Trump Performs Political Rally Ahead of Part-Time Elections

Trump Performs Political Rally Ahead of Part-Time Elections
US President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka appeared in a campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio, Monday (5/11). Photo: AP – Using Air Force One presidential aircraft as planes to shuttle to various places in America, President Donald Trump headed to Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri on Monday, on the eve of part-time elections, which was also considered a referendum on his presidential performance.

Trump acknowledged earlier, in a telephone conference with his supporters, the media considered Tuesday’s election a referendum on him.

“If the results are not good, then they will say, this is the end of the world,” Trump said. “But don’t worry. If the results are good, then they will not praise us. “

About 200 thousand people listen to the telephone conference, according to Brad Parscale, campaign manager for Trump and Pence.

“There is a vibrant atmosphere,” Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One, which would fly him to Cleveland. “I think we will succeed.”

The president has been intensively campaigning in recent weeks to help Republican candidates in order to maintain their control of Congress.

“This is truly unprecedented,” said political science professor David Cohen from the University of Akron, Ohio. “There has never been a president who campaigned so hard in the half-time as Trump did.”

But Cohen said, such a strategy is not wise. “His remarks were controversial, which made the Democratic and independent bases increasingly eager to go to the polls and vote for opposition,” Cohen said.

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