Pentagon: Russian fighter jets prevent US jets

Russian fighter jets prevent US jets
In a photo released by the US Air Force, an As RC-135U fighter jet flies over international airspace over the Baltic Sea, intercepted by SU-27 Flanker Russian fighter jet, June 19, 2017. Photo: AP – A Russian fighter intercepted an American reconnaissance plane while flying in international airspace over the Black Sea, Monday (5/11), according to Pentagon officials.

The Russian SU-27 aircraft did not make radio contact and carried out two “very close” trajectories before turning on the “after-burner” which shook the American Aries EP-3 aircraft, said Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesman.

“Clearly there is no reason for this kind of action,” he said.

“The American aircraft was carrying out a routine mission in international airspace when Russian aircraft appeared suddenly,” Pahon said.

In a media release, the US Navy said this action was not responsible and posed a risk to the safety of pilots and crew.

“We demand that they behave according to international standards to ensure safety and prevent accidents,” the US Navy added.

The last time a Russian military aircraft made such an interception over the Black Sea was in January, when a SU-27 aircraft approached up to two meters from an American Navy reconnaissance aircraft.

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