US TV Network, Facebook Revokes Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Ads

US TV Network, Facebook Revokes Trump's Anti-Immigrant Ads
NBC logo at headquarters in New York, August 21, 2009. Photo: AP – The Fox News, NBC, and social media networks Facebook networks have drawn Trump campaign advertisements containing elements of SARA, which equate a murderer convict of Mexico with Central American migrants en route to the US border, as reported by AFP news agency.

NBC withdrew the ad after being criticized for displaying the advertisement during the “Sunday Night Football” program watched by the public ahead of the midterm elections on Tuesday (6/11). Many see midterm elections as a referendum on Trump’s performance, which promises to reduce immigrants.

“After further review, we saw the ad was insensitive and decided to stop it in all our parts as soon as possible,” NBC Universal was quoted as saying by the AFP news agency.

Fox News, which is the US television’s favorite television network and is often seen as profitable for its government, confirmed to AFP that it had deleted the ad and would no longer appear on one of the news channels or another.

Facebook said the advertisement “violated” the social network advertising policy towards sensational content. “We have rejected it. Even though the video is allowed to be uploaded on Facebook, it cannot receive paid distribution, “he said.

The advertisement began with footage of the scene of Luis Bracamontes, a Mexican criminal who was sentenced to death, grinning. Bracamontes was on the death row for killing two policemen in California in 2014 and he vowed to kill more police in the future.

The Trump campaign released the ad last week. When asked on Monday (5/11), the US President claimed he did not know anything. “I don’t know about that,” he said. “Many things are offensive. Your statement is also offensive. ” 

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