China DF-26 Aircraft Destroyer Missile Shooting Training, Beijing – The Chinese military mobilizes medium-range DF-26 nuclear missiles with the ability to attack warships or also known as “Guam Killer”. This is because the missile is capable of attacking American military installations on the island of Guam in the Pacific.

China DF-26 Aircraft Destroyer Missile Shooting Training
The medium-range ballistic missile DF-26 can carry conventional and nuclear warheads. The specifications of this Chinese ballistic missile are not widely known, but it is believed that these missiles are capable of carrying conventional warheads weighing 1,200-1,800 kg. Dong Feng 26 has good accuracy, which is under 100 meters. Photo:

Tensions between the United States and China have increased due to the South China Sea dispute and the status of Taiwan as a country. “The Chinese television station released a video showing the Chinese military launching the DF-26 rocket,” the Sputnik News reported on Monday, January 28, 2019.

The video shows the practice of shooting the Chinese military in the country’s northwest. One of the two DF-26 rockets was fired.

“An information network connected with a missile head, which consists of satellites, land and sea radars and radars inside the missile itself, will continue to update the location of the moving target, informing data of missile flight control regarding the direction of this missile,” said a military expert told the Chinese Global Times media as reported by Sputnik News .

According to Song Zhongping, military analyst and veteran of the Chinese Rocket Forces, the DF-26 missile was able to change the direction of its trajectory. “This missile has a pilot system that allows it to hit slow moving aircraft carriers,” Song said. “This rocket has a double cone structure for the purpose of stealth detection so it’s difficult to intercept.”

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