Some Big Cities in the US Start to Operate 5G Networks

Some Big Cities in the US Start to Operate 5G Networks
The world Mobile Congress in Shanghai China exhibits 5G networks. China outperformed the US in developing a 5G network, which currently only operates in several major US cities. Photo: Reuters – The future is wide spread in Monaco, a city with a tropical climate where 5G networks can now be widely used. A number of antennas allow Monaco to answer the demands of 5G network requirements.

Monaco Telecom official Patrick Bouffel said, “We are in the process of installing antennas on almost all roofs because our goal is to make this network throughout Monaco. The antenna you see behind me is also still in the process of being installed. With these antennas, 5G coverage is everywhere. “

Is that a 5G network? In short, this is a network that makes your wireless devices have far-reaching, faster and more efficient capabilities.

Another Monaco Telecom official, Martin Perronet, said, “This 5G network is ten times stronger so that it allows us to provide coverage for more people. The 5G network reduces the connection waiting time by up to ten times, so we get connected faster. This is very important for new sophisticated devices such as “connected cars” or vehicles equipped with internet access and require super-fast wireless networks. The 5G network also allows at least ten times more connections per square meter, and this is an important factor in the technological revolution. “

There are already some 5G products on the market, but the network they need is still not quite successful.

Experts say that like our lives, homes and cars are becoming increasingly connected, and we need new bandwidth to operate all those things.

Some cities in America already operate 5G networks but the speed of service is still not perfect, at least until the end of next year or even 2020.

Besides Monaco, several other countries that are ready to operate the 5G network are South Korea, China, Japan and of course – America. (df)

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