White House Restores CNN Journalist Press Card

White House Restores CNN Journalist Press Card
CNN correspondent Jim Acosta entered the press room at the White House. Photo: AP

MPCore.us – The White House has restored press credentials for CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, warning that it could be revoked if he fails to comply with the rules of the press conference.

The White House canceled after the press of Acosta after a fierce exchange of words with President Trump during a televised press conference two weeks ago.

CNN said, the White House relented and CNN would cancel lawsuits against the Trump administration.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told a letter that she could enter the White House again, but warned that she and other reporters could lose their press if they failed to obey explicit rules, where a reporter may only ask one question, and only the president or the party asked may allow follow-up questions.

A federal judge then ordered the White House to restore Acosta’s status, saying the ban violated Acosta’s constitutional rights in the form of press freedom. [df]

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