Federal Judge Inhibits Trump’s Order on Asylum Restrictions

Federal Judge Inhibits Trump's Order on Asylum Restrictions
Crowds queued to enter the US via Tijuana, Mexico, seen from behind an iron-guarded fence at the entrance to the port of San Ysidro, San Diego, November 19, 2018. Photo: AP

MPCore.us – An American federal judge has issued a temporary order that prevents President Donald Trump’s government from implementing new immigration regulations that will hinder asylum for people who have not entered the United States in a designated place.

President Trump issued the regulation in a statement on November 9, which said the regulation was needed to deal with the arrival of thousands of migrants on the US-Mexico border who he said did not appear to have a legal basis for entering America.

Civil rights support NGOs American Civil Liberties Union and various other groups immediately submitted legal challenges and requested the issuance of a court order that rejected the new regulation while the case was processed in court.

District Court Judge Jon Tigar issued his verdict late Monday (19/11), saying that Congress had “clearly ordered” through the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) that anyone arriving in the United States can apply for asylum wherever they enter the country this, and that Trump’s rules conflict with INA and the intentions expressed by the Congress.

He banned the government from implementing the new regulation for one month, and set a hearing for the next hearing on this case on December 19.

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