Waiting to Enter US Through Border

Waiting to Enter US Through Border
Migrant caravans and other border crossers were seen crossing the El Paso del Norte bridge separating two border cities: El Paso (Texas, USA) from Ciudad Juarez (Mexico). Photo: VOA

MPCore.us – Freezing temperatures at the El Paso del Norte Bridge between Mexico and the United States have forced migrants who want to seek asylum to go to shelters to avoid cold weather. The migrants were told that their place or serial number in the queue on the bridge remained theirs.

Queuing to get the opportunity to apply for asylum is only one step for migrants in an effort to enter the United States. At El Paso del Norte Bridge, the gateway between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Texas, the first obstacle for migrants reaching the American border is to wait long in Mexico.

“This process is very difficult. Very cold. Then, during the day the sun is too hot. We have no way to protect ourselves. But we have arrived here. Life is difficult, but we continue to move forward, “said Vilma Mendez, a migrant from Guatemala.

About 200 migrants wait at the El Paso del Norte Bridge almost every day to request asylum so they can legally enter the US. But a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants is on its way, raising questions about the waiting time for asylum seekers at the American entry gate.

Lliana Holgium, an immigration lawyer, said, “The immigrants actually did it the way they should. So, they surrender themselves at the entrance where they should be screened and processed, and then potentially be detained or released into American territory. “

The immigration lawyer said a recent presidential instruction by President Donald Trump that limited asylum for people who entered legally at the port of entry was actually illegal. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit against the Inpres. The ACLU is a non-profit organization whose mission includes defending and preserving the rights and freedoms of each individual guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Meanwhile, Shaw Drake, ACLU legal counsel said, “Under American law, anyone who arrives at the entrance or crossing between entry gates to America has the right to apply for asylum if they have fear of returning to their home country.”

With migrant groups approaching who want to break into America, the Trump administration has placed more than 5,000 active troops on the southern border, between America and Mexico.

While that number can increase, the army is only a temporary solution.

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