US Secret Demands against WikiLeaks Founder Accidentally Leaks

US Secret Demands against WikiLeaks Founder Accidentally Leaks
WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange who still lives at the Ecuador Embassy in London, England. Photo: Reuters – WikiLeaks said, the founder of the organization Julian Assange had been charged with lawsuits in America.

WikiLeaks posted on his Twitter account that news of the accusation was accidentally revealed in a “cut and paste” error from an unrelated case in Virginia.

Assange’s accusation was revealed by Assistant Attorney Kellen Dwyer when he put forward a separate case and urged the judge to keep the case a secret.

Dwyer later wrote that these allegations must remain confidential until Assange was arrested in connection with allegations in criminal charges and therefore he could no longer avoid arrest and extradition.

Joshua Stueve, spokesperson for the Eastern Virginia District Court, told the media that this proposal was wrong. Federal officials did not comment.

Julian Assange’s lawyer in America, Barry Pollack, responded to the news by saying, “The idea that federal criminal charges could be submitted based on publishing an information is a very dangerous precedent.”

An Australian lawyer who became Assange’s adviser, Greg Barns, told Reuters he was not surprised that America was trying to sue Assange.

Assange since 2012 lives at the Ecuador Embassy in London. He managed to ask for asylum there to avoid extradition to Sweden where he faced charges of sexual crimes. He denied violating.

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