Trump will Review Forest Fires in California

Trump will Review Forest Fires in California
President Donald Trump answered media questions at the White House, before leaving for California, November 17, 2018. Photo: AP – US President Donald Trump said Saturday the devastating devastation caused by widespread forest fires in California could have been prevented if state officials acted more responsibly.

The statement was delivered a few minutes before embarking on a trip to California to look closely at the destruction that had occurred and meet with a number of local officials and those affected by the disaster.

“We will talk about forest management. I have been talking about this for a long time. The situation will be very different but the important thing is all know what we are doing and there is no doubt about this. I think now everyone is in the right direction. It’s a big problem, “Trump told reporters at the White House before leaving.

Trump’s trip was only a week after he initially blamed officials in the state of California for the forest fire, and threatened not to issue a budget to help the disaster relief operation.

Tweet Trump at that time did not mention the situation of drought that occurred in most of California, which many scientists call the impact of climate change.

The California governor, who has almost finished his term, Jerry Brown, and the newly elected governor Gavin Newsom, will accompany Trump to review damage in northern and southern California. Trump will also meet with a number of firefighters and other emergency officers.

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