Florida Still Recalculating, Democrats Win More Chairs

Florida Still Recalculating, Democrats Win More Chairs
Palm Beach County Election Supervisor Susan Bucher (left), spoke to staff before starting recalculation at the local election supervisory office, in West Palm Beach, November 15, 2018. Photo: AP

MPCore.us – While votes are still counted more than a week after midterm elections, ballot recounts in Florida are of public concern.

District Judge Mark Walker, on Thursday morning, gave voters until Saturday afternoon to correct their ballots if they had not been counted because there was a mismatch.

The governor’s election has still not been decided, as is the election of the Senate seat, in which Rick Scott survives 12,500 votes on incumbent Bill Nelson.

Non-matching signatures emerged as an issue during the recount, and each camp, both Scott and Nelson, filed a lawsuit.

But the election watchdog has denied fraud claims made by Scott and President Donald Trump.

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