Trump will reply if the Democrats Open Investigation on Himself

Trump will reply if the Democrats Open Investigation on Himself
President Donald Trump pointed to CNN reporter Jim Acosta, while a White House staff took the microphone from his hand. Photo: AP – In an unfriendly press conference on Wednesday (7/11), President Donald Trump congratulated himself on achieving what he called “extraordinary success” in the midterm elections on Tuesday (6/11).

“History has witnessed the good work we have done in getting candidates elected,” Trump said, and he noted that nine of the 11 candidates he helped his campaign last week managed to win.

Even though the Republicans maintained their majority position in the Senate, Democrats won enough seats to gain control in the Parliament. This means that in January, the leaders of the congressional committees will move from Republican members to Democrats.

They will be able to issue summons and hold hearings around issues ranging from allegations of collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign, to questionable shopping trips by cabinet members.

Trump threatens to take a “war off” if Democrats carry out such investigations.

“They may just do that, but we can play it better because we have what is called the US Senate, and many of the things they do are questionable such as leaking confidential information and other elements that should not have happened,” Trump said in 90-minute question and answer session with reporters in the East Room of the White House.

The president expressed hope that he and his Republican counterparts in the Congress would be able to seek cross-party legislative products.

“Now we have a much easier path because Democrats will approach us with proposed facilities, health service proposals, any plans and we will negotiate,” Trump said.

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