Suspect perpetrators of letter bombs remain detained without guarantee

Suspect perpetrators of letter bombs remain detained without guarantee
The trial sketch appears that Cesar Sayoc (left) was present in federal court, Miami, Florida, October 29, 2018. Photo: AP – An American accused of sending a letter bomb to several Democratic Party politicians and critics of President Donald Trump, was ordered to be detained on Tuesday (6/11).

The order to continue the detention of Cesar Sayoc appeared at his first hearing in New York federal court.

Assistant Federal Attorney Jane Kim said, Sayoc, who was transferred from a federal prison in Florida was a serious risk to public safety and could escape.

Sayoc, dressed in a blue prison uniform, was present before Judge Robert Lehrburger. When the judge asked the defendant whether he understood his rights, Sayoc replied, “Yes, judge, one hundred percent.”

The next session is scheduled for November 12.

Former stripper dancer and pizza delivery service driver was arrested on October 26 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and charged five points. Sayoc, who lives in a white van plastered with political photographs that support Trump and condemned Trump’s opponents, was arrested after intense hunting.

Sayoc was accused of sending sixteen pipe bombs, some sent to former President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, billionaire and funder George Soros, and CNN.

No bomb exploded and no one was injured.

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