Democrats won victory in Parliament, Congress split

Democrats won victory in Parliament, Congress split
The reactions of Adrian Avella and Mazeda Uddin at the party celebrated part-time elections for Democratic congressional candidates, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, November 6, 2018. Photo: Reuters – The Democrats have succeeded in taking over the US senate, while the Republicans have maintained control in the Senate, according to media forecasts for midterm elections on Tuesday (6/11).

The results of the vote created a divided Congress and will be a barrier to President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda for the next two years.

The results of the election, which had been expected, were also a warning to Trump. Trump campaigned in various regions to support Republican candidates. He insisted that part-time elections were a referendum on his presidency.

“Today is about Democrats and Republicans, about restoring surveillance and the constitutional balance of the Trump administration,” said Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, from California in a victory speech at the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington.

Opportunities for Democrats to take control of the Senate from the Republic seem unlikely after defeats in Indiana and Tennessee.

By controlling the US senate for the first time in eight years, Democrats can do more than block Trump’s legislative priorities. They can also attack, take the leadership of important committees in the US senate that have the power of investigation.

Some Democrat politicians indicated they would demand evidence of presidential tax returns and investigate financial and personal business interests, including relations between the 2016 presidential election campaign with Russia.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia managed to defend his seat and beat Republican candidate Patrick Morrisey. Manchin, who supported Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment as chief justice, criticized Morrisey who worked as a pharmaceutical business lobbyist and said he took advantage of the opioid crisis in West Virginia.

Democrats won their first major victory in Virginia, a suburb of Washington DC, where Jennifer Wexton, state attorney and senator, defeated incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock.

In Florida, Donna Shalala, former Clinton cabinet health minister, defeated Republican rivals. Two seats in Pennsylvania, and two in Colorado, so Democrats need 11 more seats to take control in the US senate.

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